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    Twisted's Bard Guide Empty Twisted's Bard Guide

    Post by Lavitz Slambertz on Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:13 pm

    -Straight Shot / Internal Release : this is to initate the fight and give my subsequent attacks all that beautiful crit bonus. I can't remember the CD for Internal Release off the top of my head but it's relatively short so I don't mind having it stuck with SS.

    -Heavy Shot / Bloodletter / Misery's End : I was tenative combining these attacks on one button at first since BL and ME are on their own cooldown but inorder to free up some crossbar space I decided to experiment with the idea. In addition, once Wind Bite and Venomous Bite are tagged to a target I generally spam Heavy Shot. Also, having all three attacks link up at the exact moment creates a beautiful burst attack.

    Initial Rotation:

    1.) Straight Shot / Internal Release 2.) Wind Bite 3.) Venomous Bite 4.) Heavy Shot / Bloodletter / Misery's End

    I had some internal debate over when to queue bloodletter. "After straight shot or after my DoT's?". As of right now i've settled with having Bloodletter at the end of the rotation since River of Blood proc's at a profuse amount.

    Maintenance Rotation:

    Once i'm set with my DoT's and casted Bloodletter from here it's just a matter of keeping everything up and running. Recasting DoT's at around the 2 second fade mark, using Straighter Shot once proc'd, popping Raging Strikes or Barrage as I feel.

    1.) Foe's Requiem 2.) Raging Strikes 3.) Straight Shot / Internal Release 4.) Heavy Shot / Bloodletter / Misery's End 5.) Wind Bite 6.) Venomous Bite 7.) At this point it's another maintainence rotation with River of Blood proc'ing Bloodletter.

    Bard Songs:

    Just wanted to get some opinions on when to use these. I'm assuming the useage of each shouldn't be generalized but rather put into effect depending on the fight, the party and the situation. Here's how i've been using them.

    Mage's Ballad: -Whenever the healer(s) have reached just below 50% mana bar or if the tank is just about depleted. I don't often pay attention to the DD mage's since BLM's are essentially their own mana battery (from what've seen playing alongside decent BLM's anyway). -Bard Swapping: With another BRD in the party i'll pop this if they're using Army's Paeon, giving the entire party a great amount of endurance for a fight.

    Army's Paeon: - Honestly haven't had that much use for this one just yet. With the exception of being in a long duration FATE. I made a seperate post about TP bars and i'm hoping in future we can have an option to set up party member's TP bars. - Bard Swapping: One has AP the other MB.

    Foe's Requiem: -The lord sovereign of all aggro and mana depletion. I save this one til the end of a fight to burn down a boss as mentioned earlier.

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