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    Coil Turn 4 - Guide


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    Coil Turn 4 - Guide Empty Coil Turn 4 - Guide

    Post by LukePOLO on Mon Nov 18, 2013 3:53 pm

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    "I''ve recently started running turn 4 as a paladin, have my relic and 4 pieces of myth gear. I'm able to take damage well and the healers can keep me up, but I'm having problems with my enmity generation.
    After phase one, once the bugs go down, as the mt, I'll run to the west side (NW if you're looking on the map) to pick up the adds and I'll use:
    Flash -> Circle of Scorn -> Flash -> Flash
    This usually leaves me with a small window to start using my rage of halone rotation on the main target, which enables me to keep my aggro on him. While using my RoH rotation I'll use savage blade on the off target and use fast blade and RoH on the main target. By doing all of this I'm able to cleanly keep aggro on me, unless one of the adds decides to use vaccum, in which case it'll usually interrupt an animation and I'll lose my enmity bonus.
    Is this how t4 works? Am I making it much more convoluted than it needs to be, I would really like some advice on what to.
    Thank a lot."

    You should be charging a Rage of Halone on the last Bug. This allows you to solidify hate very easily. For example you'd run over to the Knight and Soldier with Halone locked and loaded and Flash, Circle of Scorn, Halone the one that's getting attacked 1st depending on your groups strat, then Flash one more time. From there you then start your combo alternating between the K & S as needed by watching your enmity meters. Charing a Halone or Savage Blade at the end of each phase change should be the norm.

    This ^
    Additionally, as MT I'll see both Soldier and Knight show up on my Enemy list before they actually appear on the screen. When they show up on my list, I hit Flash. By the time the spell goes off, they'll appear and are instantly hit, then I'll CoS > RoH combo on the Soldier, Flash again, and full focus on the Knight. DPS will break the Soldier's stoneskin so he's no longer an issue. It's still a very fine line for emnity throughout this fight.

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    Coil Turn 4 - Guide Empty Re: Coil Turn 4 - Guide

    Post by EstellineEnor on Wed Dec 04, 2013 2:03 am

    Coil Turn 4 - Guide E49i

    Found this visual guide works wonders for training Smile

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