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    TANKS share your talent Empty TANKS share your talent

    Post by spiralout on Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:44 pm

    spiralout Today at 2:41 pm oct 22 2013

    Tips to tanking IN ARR : BASICS: First and most important even tho seems trivial,
    Always KNOW your targets abilities..,AOE what kinda AOE learn to keep it facing away from your party, don't stay on one target to long, switch often using your aoe threat/enmity abilitys inbetween your normal enmity abilities DONT SPAM FLASH MORE THAN TWICE IN A ROW pointless. make macros for your defensive cooldowns one mine
    /macroicon Bulwark
    /ac Bulwark <me>
    /ac Sentinel <me>
    /wait 1
    /party CDowns popped

    keep in mine I have this keybound to my Z so if I hit Z real fast bout 5 times then stop it will have popped both CDs then it will say in party u can use this formula for others too
    I have
    /ac "Spirits Within" <t>
    /ac "Shield Swipe" <t>
    set up same way this is my PRIORITY have it set to E key any time one of them up I pop it
    Continue more next time... ask me ingame if questions or add to here if YOU GOT GOOD TIPS toodles austen licks ball sweat

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