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    Coil Turn 5 - Written Guide (SHNRA)


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    Coil Turn 5 - Written Guide (SHNRA) Empty Coil Turn 5 - Written Guide (SHNRA)

    Post by ArakDeeks on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:02 pm

    Phase 1 (100-85%):

    The off tank starts by body pulling Twintania and all three Scourges of Meracydia.

    Once the off tank has pulled, the main tank will taunt Twintania, dragging her into position while the off tank focuses on positioning the adds.

    All three adds will cast Liquid Hell. (An AOE fire attack targeted on a player's position). As this attack's position is decided when the cast starts, it can be easily avoided by moving during the cast time.

    The main tank will position Twintania to the right of the room (at the bottom of the hill) while the adds are being killed.

    One healer should focus on the main tank, while the other healer focuses on healing the raid and the off tank. (While helping on the main tank when possible).

    Twintania's only ability is Death Sentence on this phase.

    Once all three adds are dead, the DPS and healers form two groups, one on either side behind Twintania.

    These groups should consist of four players each. Remember that SCH/SMN pets count as players. If you don't have a pet for each group, one tank will join the group on the right soaking Fireballs.

    The groups should be roughly: 1 Healer , 1 Melee , 1 Ranged , 1 Tank/Pet

    These groups should not stack up on top of each other, but should make sure to stay near each other. The reasoning for this is so that players can see who the icon for the Fireball or Conflagration is on. Group Positioning Ph1

    Phase 2 (85-55%):

    Twintania drops the first Neurolink underneath her, and gains two new abilities: Fireball and Conflagration.

    Fireball (RED ICON) will target one player and deal roughly 12000 damage, split between that person and anyone nearby. Each person hit will give Twintania a stack of the buff Waxing Flesh, which affects the Conflagration and the time they take to explode. We aim to have four stacks of Waxing Flesh with each Fireball, and as we are split into groups of four, no one should need to move.

    Healers should make sure that players are topped off before and after the Fireball, in case one of the players hit gets targeted by the Conflagration immediately after.

    Conflagration (BLUE ICON) is a skill that traps a player and deals damage per second. (A few hundred per tick). This Conflagration will explode after a certain amount of time, depending on the number of stacks of Waxing Flesh. The time is 15 seconds with four stacks, 20 seconds with three stacks, and so on.

    The player targeted by the Conflagration needs to move quickly into the middle of the boss' hitbox – directly underneath Twintania – where the Neurolink is situated. How to

    Once the Conflagration forms, everyone needs to DPS it immediately, including the Tanks. (Healers can help DPS if everyone is topped off, and if Death Sentence isn't coming soon).

    During this phase, Twintania will cast a Fireball during every second Conflagration. If this happens, the person with Fireball needs to run into the middle of the Conflagration, which resets the timer on the Conflagration. You can keep running until you get automatically stopped by the debuff called Fetters, which will trap you in place.

    Every DPS should make sure to save cooldowns for when there’s a Conflagration without a Fireball, so that there is enough damage to break it in time.

    The timing for the abilities (Fireball (Red) / Conflagration (Blue)) should roughly form the following rotation:

    Red –20s– Blue –5s– Red –25s– Red –5s– Blue –20s– Red –15s– Blue –10s– Red –25s– Red/Blue –25s– Red –10s– Blue –15s– Red – REPEAT

    (Please note that these timings will differ depending on the group composition, and how much DPS you are pulling).

    Twintania will continue casting Death Sentence during this phase, and here the two tanks will need to swap positions (using taunt) during the cast of Death Sentence.

    The off tank should always be second place on the threat table, or he will be targeted by Conflagrations. (This should never happen unless one tank dies, at which point you will have to be ready to move should you be targeted).

    At roughly 60% Twintania should be moved across towards the other side of the room so that the second Neurolink is dropped away from the first. See Positioning. Fireballs and Conflagrations can still happen here, so if you get targeted by a Fireball while the main tank is repositioning Twintania, stay in your groups until the Fireball has hit, and then move as a group back into position.

    When Twintania reaches 55%, the third phase will begin.

    Phase 3 (Divebombs):

    At 55%, Twintania will drop the second Neurolink and fly into the air. If by any chance the Neurolink is dropped while a Conflagration is up, ignore it and run into position for the Divebombs. (Down in the small gap at the bottom of the hill, behind where Twintania was being tanked). Where to

    Moving immediately as Twintania flies up is necessary, so that she swoops from the correct position. Players should use sprint in order to help them get into position quickly.

    After positioning in the safe spot, one player will get targeted by Twintania. (GREEN ICON). At this point, everyone should run out of the original position, up to the top of the slope, and then return to the safe spot once she has flown by. How to Dodge

    After 3 consecutive Divebombs, Asclepius spawns along with two Hygeia. One DPS (normally a melee DPS) should focus both Hygeia until they are roughly 75% Health, while all other DPS focuses on Asclepius.

    All ranged DPS and healers should position themselves in the safe spot for Divebombs, with melee DPS returning to that position when the tanks start moving. From the time that the first adds spawn, we have 45 seconds to DPS them, after which time the second set of Divebombs will occur.

    Just before the second set of Divebombs, the main tank will go to the right side with Asclepius, and the off tank will go to the left side with the two Hygeia, kiting them around in as small an area as possible whilst staying in range of the healers.

    Once a player gets targeted, move in the same pattern used during the first Divebombs, as long as the player targeted is in the group. If a tank gets targeted, they should be able to survive a single Divebomb, or even dodge it if possible. (Tanks should stay near the middle of the room if targeted by the Divebomb, so that they don't get knocked into the wall). How To

    After the last Divebombs, two more Hygeia will spawn, which should be immediately picked up by the off tank and dragged to Asclepuis. A BLM/SMN should start casting Limit Break 3 while both tanks are positioning all the adds together.

    Any remaining Hygeia after the Limit Break should be quickly killed off, and when they die they will put a debuff called Disseminate on Asclepius that will increase all damage received.

    After Asclepius has the four stacks of debuff from the adds, everyone should go all out on DPS, including the healers if possible. All cooldowns, along with potions, should be used here.

    While we are DPSing Asclepius down, the main tank should bring Asclepius near to the first Neurolink, while everyone else moves near to the second Neurolink.

    Once Asclepius is dead, Twintania will fly back down, signalling the start of the next phase. At this point, everyone should move into the Neurolink they are stood next to. (Main tank in the first Neurolink, and everyone else in the second).

    Phase 4 (55-30%):

    Twintania flies down into battle again, and will then use her ultimate ability. If everyone is not in a Neurolink, they will die instantly. Rain of Death and Virus should be used to reduce the damage from her ultimate.
    When Twintania can be targeted again, you should make her your focus target(SHIFT+F) so that you can more easily keep track of Twisters during this phase.

    Once the ultimate is finished, the main tank should drag and reposition her at the bottom of the hill near the entrance to the room, See How and Where and everyone else should spread throughout the whole room. (If there are two melee DPS, one should go either side of Twintania, like in the first phase).

    Twintania now loses the ability to cast Fireballs and Conflagrations, but will instead gain new abilities called Twisters and Dreaknights. Twintania will also continue to cast Death Sentence during this phase.

    Twister is an ability that targets three random players in the battle, which instantly kills anyone who has not moved away from its location. To move from a Twister, you need to move during its cast time, in either one direction, or round in a circle. Everyone must remain spread and avoid running into each other during Twisters, as you can be knocked back by another player's Twister.

    After the first Twister, Twintania will summon a Dreadknight in the middle of the room, and proceed to stun one player, that the Dreadknight will then run towards. If the Dreadknight reaches that person, they will instantly be killed by the Dreadknight's ability called Caber Toss.

    For this reason, everyone should be at the maximum range possible from the middle of the room. Melee DPS should move away from the Dreadknight as it spawns, and only focus it after someone has been targeted.

    As the Dreadknight approaches the stunned player, it needs to be chain stunned by the off tank, while all DPS focus it until it is dead. Dreadknights can be affected by movement slows, and so a BLM can use Lethargy on it.

    Twisters will continually spawn during this phase – even while Dreadknights are up – and so you should constantly be aware of your focus target, and always be ready to move.

    Dreadknights will keep spawning until Twintania reaches 30%, at which point the final phase of the fight begins.

    Phase 5 (30-0%):

    When Twintania reaches 30%, she will drop the third and final Neurolink, and loses the ability to use Twisters and Dreadknights, but gains two new abilities. These abilities are called Hatch and Liquid Hell.

    Once this phase starts, all ranged DPS and healers should stay near the Neurolinks, while the off tank moves into the third Neurolink, standing directly underneath her.

    Twintania regularly casts Hatch, which spawns an orb directly underneath her, which will then fly towards a targeted player. Anyone caught by Hatch as it is travelling will instantly die if they are not stoof in a Neurolink. If you are targeted by Hatch, purple orbs will spin around your character. The off tank is standing in the Neurolink during this phase to absorb every single one of these Hatches, so that players do not need to worry about moving into Neurolinks or avoiding Hatches.

    Liquid Hell is the same ability from the first phase, however Twintania will cast five of these in a row on the targeted player. If you are targeted by Liquid Hell, you must kite them around the edges of the room, being careful not to run them into the rest of the raid. Once the five Liquid Hells have been dropped, you can move back into your original position, or at least as close as possible. How to Dodge LiquidHell

    If the main tank is targeted by Liquid Hell, he should take two to the face, and then pop Hallowed Ground, so he can stack all five on the same spot. Once the fifth has been dropped, and while Hallowed Ground is still up, the tank should rotate so that he is not stood in the Liquid Hells. If this happens, the main tank needs to be careful not to move Twintania at all, otherwise Hatches will be able to escape into the raid.

    If the off tank gets targeted by Liquid Hell, everyone else needs to be extremely careful in dealing with Hatches. If you are targeted, you have to instantly move in away in a path that lets the melees do DPS, and after the 3rd Liquid Hell, you should move back in into the Neurolink popping Stoneskin and Holy Ground on yourself if needed.

    These abilities repeat until Twintania is dead, at which point your e-peen will increase significantly.

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    Coil Turn 5 - Written Guide (SHNRA) Empty Re: Coil Turn 5 - Written Guide (SHNRA)

    Post by ArakDeeks on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:02 pm


    On turn 5 the biggest thing to think of in this fight is the timing, when is the next divebomb comming? When will the next deathsentance hit?

    Things like this is the the biggest thing to remember here I cant time this to a 100% but often you dont have to know the exact numbers since most skills lasts long enough if you can time it ahead by a few seconds atleast.

    The RNG in this fight is quite big aswell some of the attacks and skills able to instantly kill the dps, healers or even the tanks in an instant even at full hp. So by knowing this we need to take steps to prepare for these things.
    To start of with.

    Death Sentance every 25 seconds after being cast, will be referred as DS. Cast time 3 seconds

    Fireball is every 20 seconds after being cast.

    Conflag is every 25 seconds after having been destroyed.

    Plummet is a bit different being cast around every 15 seconds.

    Normal attacks will hit every 2-3 seconds.

    These are the 5 damage attacks that you as a healer need to and should be aware of.

    I am gonna explain the DS and how to deal with it now since this seems to be one of the biggest reasons to why the tanks goes down.

    The RNG on DS with no damage reduction seems to be around 5500-6500 dmg this means a tank at full hp could be one shot by a single DS, even so a tank with 6600 hp can still be one shot by a DS hitting for 5500 or a little less, now how is that you ask? Well it's simple the normal attacks of the boss is still being counted so if the DS hits and at the same time as it hits the normal attack is being suppose to go off it will do an invisible hit with that I mean that while looking at the log I have seen tanks at full hp die from a hit doing 5578, 5364 and so on when their at 6500 hp and this is the only thing I can come up with.
    Even when this does not happen normal attacks can still happened 0.1-2 seconds after DS and sometimes we will also have PL just a few seconds after the DS.

    So how do we counteract this? If a tank manages to parry that's a 20% dmg reduction, if it's a paladin they can also block for another 20% now both parry and block are not a flat 20% dmg reduction instead they are capped and can only block a set amount of dmg at most or at most 20% of the dmg. But both of these only has less then 40% chance to proc so we cant depend on these to fix our problem. Since we have 2 healers we should have 2 virus 2 Eye for an Eye 2 Stoneskin. That means if we take 10 DS as an example which is a duration of 250 seconds or 4 mins and 10 seconds. We should then be able to have virus up on the boss on 7/10 DS also since every group right now demands a SCH or BLM there should be a third virus in the group meaning 10/10 DS should have virus on it.
    Eye for an Eye is all about proc it can give a flat 10% dmg reduction for 20 seconds and it lasts for 30 seconds this one should be used whenever on cd but it can not be relied on. Stoneskin is a flat 10% or 18% increase in the tanks hp and can always be relied upon and since the cast for DS is 3 seconds you have time to cast it if you can time it right to hit during the DS cast and still have time to cast a heal that hits directly after DS for a WHM the 18% flat hp increase can almost always make the tank survive if heals can hit directly after DS, SCH and PLD stoneskin is both 10% and it should be the PLD in these cases that uses stoneskin. This because the SCH can put up a shield that for myself can block everything from 700-2800 dmg which is a hp increase of 11-42% on a tank with 6600hp, the SCH also have Sacred Soil which is a flat 10% dmg reduction this skill can be used with 1 SCH on almost every DS with 2 SCH it can be used on every DS problem is if lustrate is needed then no stacks for Sacred Soil will be available so it cant be relied upon unless you have 2 SCH. Now all these skills cant be relied on for 100% since people getting caught in the conflag cant use their dmg reduction and such.
    Now in a perfect world we would have a minimum 20-30% dmg reduction and 20% hp increase on the tank for every DS to have as close to 100% survivability for the tank as possible. More preferred is of course more dmg reduction and more shield. Now this whole thing is about synergy and communication between the tanks and healers and anyone else who can do damage reduction.
    While most people like to say it's the healers fault that the tanks are dying it is the healers jobs to keep the tanks alive yes and keep their hp up it is a combination of skills and classes that will keep the tank alive but the healers alone cant keep the tank alive through every DS.
    This is something we have to work on since I know that some DS only does around 500 dmg sometimes to the tanks and others instantly kills the tank.

    First Phase

    The first thing to do here is to decide who will heal who because one healer has to stay on the tank on Twintania and only heal this tank unless you are 100% sure casting a heal on another target will not give you a global cd so you cant keep your tank up. The second healer has to focus on the other tank, all the dps and also whenever possible help heal on the tank on Twintania normally the healer that is not healing the Twintania tank or MT will have no issues at all healing around 30-50% of their heals on the MT and the other 50-70% on everyone else. This healer also needs to pay attention on where the flame spits are going since if the MT is getting hit alot then both tanks needs to focus heal through this dmg.

    This part is overall fairly easy as long as the MT can survive for about a min since the longer he is alive the more the 2nd healer can help. Just remember to wait at least a few seconds before starting to heal or you will pull aggro.

    1st healer Eye for an Eye on MT - 20s - 1st healer Virus - 5s - DS - 5s - 2nd healer Eye for an Eye - 15s - 2nd healer Virus - 5s - DS - 20s - caster virus - 5s - DS

    The virus rotation here with 3 virus should be doable 9/10 times unless someone dies or get's two people in conflag who has to cast virus so just keep 1st healer, 2nd healer and caster and then just rotate this should be doable for the rest of the fight.

    There shouldn't be any real problem here just try to overheal and use the heavy heals if you have the mp to build the LB a bit extra.

    Second Phase

    Now the fight becomes a bit more of a challenge people should at all time be kept at around 2000+ hp this will not be doable at all time but regen, medica II and SCH shield should be enough to keep people up through conflags just remember if your group is targeted by a fireball try to time an aoe heal right after the fireball hits it takes around 5 seconds after being targeted for it to hit the group so just try to cast it around 3 seconds after being targeted it takes a bit of practice but just after a few fireballs you should hopefully know when to start casting and not.
    The DS will also now start doing a healing debuff that reduces the healing by 50% the tank that switches out should be focus healed for a few seconds to get them back up to around 3000-4000+ this is really easy by timing a heal to hit directly after DS since it takes a second for the debuff to activate and thus your heal will have full effect.

    Third Phase

    Now the divebombs starts on the first part the healer should normally not have to heal anyone or anything but if anyone is damaged try if possible but focus on dodging them divebombs!
    When healing during the actual divebombs it works like this divebombs goes of everyone runs out you can now safely cast a single heal run back in cast a single heal dodge and just keep this up.

    When the snakes spawns just heal as usual but remember to keep both tanks up here, it might be a good idea to go back to splitting up one healer on each tank. 45 seconds after the snakes appears the divebombs will start again and now it is important to do the timed heals or the tanks will die just remember run out heal, run in heal and repeat. Remember you have to feel this to some degree since you can always heal when you've run out and heal when you've run in.

    When the second group of snakes spawns the tank on the little snakes will be taking massive dmg and need to be focused heal Eye for an Eye, sacred soil and such are great to mitigate the dmg just don't forget the tank on the big snake again best way to deal with this is to keep one healer focus healing on the tank with small snakes and the other one switching between the two until the small snakes are down and then focus on the big snake tank if the tank has positioned himself correctly he should get no debuffs on himself and the dmg should be low enough for one healer at a time to focus on dealing dmg on the big snake best set here if going with a SCH or two SCH is to have one of them go cleric stance put up all their dots and then switch back to heal and let the other dmg.

    Right before the big snake dies if a SCH is in the group they should cast a single succor to get it up on everyone, cast virus on Twintania when she appears and cast sacred soil so it hopefully covers both groups but the MT should be prioritized, the WHM on the other hand should cast stoneskin on the tank the second the big snake is dead then wait a second or two after Twintania appears cast medica II and then cast regen on the MT.

    Fourth Phase

    After the ultimate has gone of the MT should be focused to 100% no one else in the group will be taking any dmg at all for this whole phase so even if everyone has 1 hp or something just ignore them since if the Deathknight reaches anyone it's a death whatever their hp is at the same thing happens with twister. This phase is all about keeping the MT up at all costs and trying to throw in some dps if you have a chance the healing debuff will be up for 20s and then down for around 5s. Just remember to dodge them twisters!

    Fifth Phase

    Now on this phase you actually have to heal other people then the MT, MT is still the main focus but the offtank will be taking about 1500 dmg every 5s and a random person will be taking around 3500+ dmg but overall it's just simple heal the MT if a WHM is in the group just try to keep regen up on the offtank and that should pretty much cover it the person who get's targeted by the firespit will only have to be get a heal or two and a regen if possible. Also do dmg here if you see a window since again the fight is timed.

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